At 100km Foods Inc., we want you to know where your food comes from.  We sell the best Ontario producers and farmers have to offer, both wholesale to restaurants, hotels, retailers and other businesses and direct to consumers via home or office delivery.

With our help, farmers gain access to large, urban markets and customers gain access to delicious, farm-fresh food. It's a win for all involved.

We deal fairly with farmers, allowing them to set their own prices, and we seek to treat all our employees, suppliers, clients, and community with a high standard of fairness and cooperation. Together with our community of home-, chef- and farmer-partners, we are helping to create a strong and viable local food economy in Ontario!


19 Colville Road, Toronto, Ontario M6M 2Y2, Canada

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Wholesale and home delivery of fresh, local fruit, vegetables, dairy, cheese, grains, meat, fish and dry goods

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