Alvéole installs beehives on rooftops in cities across Canada, the United States and France, and uses the hives as a way to educate businesses, organizations, and schools about the environment and food systems. It’s a turnkey service, meaning they provide all the care and maintenance the bees need to thrive.

Their service includes a hands-on educational program where people participate in workshops to learn all about the role and impact of bees and pollinators on our everyday lives. At the end of the season, they harvest the extra honey produced by the bees and give it all back to their clients in jars with their own official logo, which they then share with their community and network to further spread awareness.

Alvéole's goal is to make people fall in love with bees, which in turn will make them fall in love with nature, completely changing their sense of responsibility towards the environment.

Starting January 2021, Alvéole has become a member of 1% For The Planet, committing to donating 1% of all its gross sales directly to environmental non-profits and greening initiatives in all communities where it operates.

Products & Services

Turnkey beekeeping services for businesses & schools, team-building activities