BEDI crafts sleek, warm winter coats and durable bags from recycled materials. Using salvaged seatbelts, robust, recycled nylon, and upcycled airline seats, all BEDI designs are inspired by their slogan: “One day everything new will come from something old.”  BEDI’s products are proudly made in small batches in Canada, with a focus on quality over quantity. Their use of ballistic nylon and quality craftsmanship allows BEDI to offer a lifetime guarantee on all their winter coats and bags. Coupled with a classic, minimalist aesthetic that never goes out of style, their products are designed to be timeless in every sense. Embracing the ethos of a circular economy, BEDI also offers a Second Life program, allowing customers to trade in their existing BEDI coat should they wish for a change in style or size– a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and sustainability in all stages of their product’s lifecycle.  BEDI was born out of the desire for balance – to create pieces that are grounded in good design while using what we already have, and preserving our planet. The result is a slow collection of Japandi-inspired pieces that are as elegant as they are utilitarian.


Montreal, Quebec, Canada


5432 St Laurent Blvd, Montréal, Québec

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