Borealis GeoPower: Down to Earth.

Borealis GeoPower's projects are about realizing a vision. One where sustainable zero impact geothermal energy is the cornerstone of a new way of being, while also earning economic returns. They work closely with their host communities and First Nations partners to build enabling energy projects that support local jobs, a diversified economy, zero emission power and heat production, and local food. They call their demonstration project "Sustainaville".

They invite like-minded prospective customers, investors and fast followers to be a part of these first projects in Canada.

Borealis GeoPower knows that there doesn't have to be a tradeoff between the environment and the economy. They're on a mission to make people question why they didn't do business like this in the first place. And now that there is a choice, to join them on their energy, local economy and local food journey.

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