Classcraft is an Engagement Management System (EMS) that uses the cultural phenomenon of video games to help educators drive measurable academic performance, non-cognitive skills development, and school climate. By blending students’ physical and virtual learning, the program reframes their progress in school as a game they play together throughout the year.

The ecosystem of tools integrates all aspects of the classroom, from gamified personalized learning to formative assessment and classroom management. The game mechanics encourage students help one another, stay on task, and take an active stance against bullying. This creates a more fun, empathetic classroom culture where students are deeply engaged.

Systemically, Classcraft addresses engagement by connecting real-life interventions with engagement data from existing content and platforms. The result is a positive impact on individuals and educational outcomes including school climate, social-emotional learning, academic performance, and attendance. School leaders gain greater visibility into the classroom, helping them gauge the effectiveness of interventions and make better-informed, data-driven decisions

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