Since 2003, Diva International Inc. has been redefining what menstruation means with comfort, health and sustainability in mind. Diva International’s flagship menstrual solution, DivaCup, leads the way in period care innovation by creating a better period experience tailored to meet individual menstrual needs. Made only of 100 percent healthcare grade silicone, the DivaCup has no added chemicals, plastics or dyes and is cruelty free. Quality is top of mind, which is why Diva International is ISO certified and compliant to the US FDA, Health Canada, Australian TGA and COFEPRIS health regulatory guidelines.

Diva International Inc. is a women-owned and led company with a commitment to “creating a future where everyone has the information, confidence, and ability to access safe, innovative solutions for menstruation” says CEO and co-founder, Carinne Chambers-Saini. As a leader in the reusable menstrual care category, Diva International empowers people everywhere to co-create a new menstrual culture where the experience of menstruation is anything but dirty or shameful. Through corporate care partnerships, product donation and menstrual health research, Diva challenges the menstrual status quo by helping girls and women make informed decisions about their menstrual needs.

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