Edward James Consulting Ltd. is a flourishing enterprise design consultancy. They help their clients take a systemic approach to architecting their response to the multi-faceted opportunity that is sustainability – environment/planet, social/people, economic/profit. They do this through three initiatives;

1. Flourishing Enterprise Innovation Toolkit - Tools for the Strongly Sustainable Revolution
They develop tools that enable strategy professionals & startup coaches to co-create future-fit strategies with their stakeholders that enable social benefits, environmental regeneration & improved financial outcomes.

2. Lean for Flourishing Startups - Innovating Innovation with the Startup Ecosystem
They work with start-up coaches & entrepreneurial encouragers (accelerators, incubators, etc.) to enable them to innovate the way they help their entrepreneurs achieve their personal and business goals, aligning them with the principles of flourishing.

3. Better My Business - Unleashing Innovation through Co-creation with Established Enterprises
They work with boards of directors, senior leadership teams & innovation clusters to enable them to co-create innovation strategy for better financial viability, social outcomes & environmental performance.

Products & Services

Enterprise design consultancy - direct consultant contracts, workshops/labs