Enviro-Stewards is an engineering firm that helps industrial, commercial and institutional facilities to save energy, water and product yield.

We then use the portion of our revenue to train & equip locally owned and operated safe water social ventures in developing countries.

Enviro-Stewards is a Best for the World classified B Corporation, recipient of Global Compact Canada’s SDG Goal award, and the only Canadian company to win a Global SDG award

Enviro-Stewards’ sustainability engineering work for Campbell Soup, Southbrook Winery, Andrew Peller, Maple Lodge, Dextran, North York General Hospital, 50 Food Processors, and Tim Hortons have each won national awards.

Enviro-Stewards also founded the safe water project in South Sudan that has won an international globe award and was featured in B the change magazine, MEDA magazine, and a TEDx talk.


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Practical affordable measures to become carbon neutral or climate positive. Water, Product and Energy conservation.

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