As pioneers in the industry, Genuine Health has been committed to quality and consciousness in every step of creating the highest quality natural supplements that promote health, beauty, and performance from the beginning. Starting with revolutionary formulations based on research proven ingredients, they design innovative products to deliver only the best in efficacy and safety.

But it is about more than just the products! They've worked hard to build their vision into a brand synonymous not only with physical and mental well-being but also with social and environmental awareness and action, by promoting earth-friendly choices and weaving social responsibility into the fabric of the brand and all that they do!

Genuine Health has always believed strongly in building a company that operates with a 360 point of view: one that provides people with the highest quality nutritional supplements, but also a company that gives the environment one less footprint, and gives to others in need – through charitable organizations and direct community action. Their founder Stewart Brown’s vision to “leave the planet better than coming in” has woven a spirit of generosity and instigating positive change into the company’s essence which permeates throughout the company.

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