Grey Rock Clothing's vision is to provide a one-stop shop for sweatshop-free and organic clothing. They opened their downtown Guelph brick and mortar location in August 2012 and are working on growing their online store in 2015.

To Grey Rock sustainable style means ethical and fair trade working conditions for the entire supply chain of workers, organic and environmentally friendly fabrics and processes being utilized wherever possible, and transparency in the production of clothing.

Grey Rock has spent a great deal of time researching and analyzing their suppliers and the global clothing market. They carefully curates a collection of pieces each season and have the privilege to work with designers in Canada and North America, as well as in developing countries. Their supplier's have been granted multiple best in class third party certifications upholding the storefront's perspective on the apparel industry. This has led them to the belief that the power lies with the customer and the responsibility lies with the supplier, to ensure position contribution to the clothing industry.

Grey Rock hopes you enjoy their carefully curated collection of men’s and women’s unique and stylized sweatshop-free, ethical clothing.

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