Hypenotic is a founding Canadian BCorp on a mission to manifest a generative economy.

Founded in 1998, we believe that if a thing is worth doing, it's worth doing in a way that sets other beneficial things in motion—a kind of perpetual pay-it-forward machine.

Hypenotic's team of communications problem solvers, based in Toronto and Montreal (but working virtually anywhere), uses a brand strategy lens to inform creative and technical communications.

And we make the communications tools most brands and organizations need but what we're *really* selling is clarity, focus, efficiency, flexibility, agility, and the perspective that comes from solving similar problems for many brands in multiple sectors.

Our clients come to us for projects and stay with us for our brand stewardship–we take a capacity-building approach to our relationships. For many, we end up being a virtual design and production department.

That said, we have deep vertical experience in the non-profit and social entrepreneurship sectors because accelerating the work of accelerators is the fastest way to move our mission forward.

Products & Services

Marketing Strategy, Design & Web Development