iilo Creative Alliance inc. (“ee-lo”) is a full-service creative services agency in Western Canada. We work with B Corps, progressive impact businesses, nonprofits, institutions, social enterprises, marketing & communications departments, and municipalities. Our mission is to help clients to simplify and amplify so they can rock their world-changing social and environmental initiatives with impact-focused communication design.

We deliver Values-aligned Branding, Impactful Reports & Communications Management that amplifies your mission. The iilo team is an alliance of communication design professionals with a broad range of skills and talents, 100% women owned and co-led by Madelen Ortega and Lisa Hemingway. Our business is a tool for us to help our clients activate change, and provide well-paying work to other women and underrepresented people in the creative services industry.

We thread together solutions to your serious challenges and make sure you have a seriously-positive experience working with us! Reach out if you'd like to discuss your upcoming project:


Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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