Formed in 1999, Investeco was Canada’s first environmental private equity manager, and now manages four environmentally focussed private equity funds. These funds specialize in companies in sectors such as cleantech, sustainable agriculture and the bioeconomy. By investing in these sectors the funds are able to tap into the growing demand for environmentally superior products and services while helping mitigate environmental degradation.

Investeco’s investment strategy is to acquire portfolio investments in what it believes to be exceptional companies operating in its chosen sectors. These investments are made in North American-based businesses that Investeco believes to have some or all of the following characteristics: environmental benefits, established revenues, strong growth prospects, excellent management and long-term competitive advantages, as well as the prospect of providing a profitable exit opportunity within 4 to 7 years from the date of the initial investment. Although the funds have a preference for investing in already profitable companies, they sometimes invest in companies that are pre-revenue and/or not yet profitable.

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