MacKay CEO Forums was founded in 2005 by Dr. Nancy MacKay and has 1000+ members across Canada. Their dream is to populate the world with inspiring leaders. Their members are forward thinking and action-oriented CEOs, Executives and Business Owners, from across all industries, who participate in the highest impact and least time-intensive professionally lead peer learning groups across Canada. Their 50+ Forum Chairs are award winning and inspiring coaches, consultants, and advisors to the Canadian business community. They host 12 exclusive CEO EDGE breakfast events across Canada and a 1-day CEO EDGE Summit each year to provide opportunities for Canadian business leaders to participate in high-impact peer learning events that are designed to give them the leadership EDGE: Educate, Discover, Grow and Execute.

They challenge their Members to become inspiring leaders through their high accountability culture. They always start on time and end on time. They hold their Members accountable to bring a business issue and to make commitments at every meeting. They expect clarity, transparency, and absolute confidentiality. They create a judgement free peer learning environment through shared experiences. They challenge their Members to take action to deal with their toughest issues and challenges.

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The least time-intensive and highest impact peer group for CEOs and Executives