Founded in Canada in 1986, Mondetta – which combines the French word ‘monde’ (world) with the Latin suffix ‘etta’ (small) – was created with the ambitious goal to harmonize the globe. Developing simple yet sophisticated sportswear with unique flag-bearing sweatshirts, the brand skyrocketed to success creating ‘A Spirt of Unification’, selling clothing and uniting people around the world.

Mondetta has evolved from a sportswear brand to a global leader in sustainable, technical lifestyle and activewear. The Company has grown exponentially and today has 3 divisions: direct-to-consumer, wholesale and private label, and maintains a vast supply chain comprised of facilities spanning 13 countries. Despite its growth and success, Mondetta has remained committed to its core values: high-quality product, value and accessibility, ethical business practices and continuous evolution, and is dedicated to reaching the highest level of social, economic and environmental responsibility by constantly improving its business model to reduce its environmental footprint and implement socially responsible practices

In 2004 the Mondetta Charity Foundation was established as a means to give back. The Foundation supports a school in Africa, an orphanage in Kenya and charitable causes in North America.

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