Novex Delivery Solutions is a locally owned and operated company. They have been servicing the Vancouver's same-day delivery needs for over 30 years. Novex is one of the largest local same-day courier and freight providers in Vancouver making over 1800 deliveries per day with nearly 100 delivery vehicles. The Novex team is comprised of an experienced team of dispatchers, customer service representatives and drivers that operates a diverse fleet of vehicles. For over 10 years, they have integrated sustainable business practices into their organization. Over the years, their vision has evolved to reflect changes in the community and in the environment. Sustainability resonates throughout every level of their organization from drivers, office staff, to management. It has become more than their competitive advantage in the marketplace; sustainability has become their identity. They have a number of environmental programs and initiatives that drives their commitment in becoming a leader in the industry.

Novex’s Clean Fleet Program is their most ambitious program. With their Clean Fleet they are able to save approximately 88 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year or, in other words, remove 44 vehicles from the local roads.

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