Our non-12-step program methodology is unique and lets us be far more than an addiction treatment facility. While other centres focus on abstinence or harm reduction, we focus on helping our clients solve the underlying issues driving addictive behaviour or mental health suffering. This allows all clients to get the full benefit of our program.

Our methodology for treating addiction, mental health, and trauma and PTSD comes from Dr. Viktor Frankl’s proposition that the fundamental motivation in humans is the will to meaning. As humans, we need to make sense of our lives and pursue a personally meaningful existence. When we can’t, we suffer real problems. In line with Frankl’s theory, we see addiction as a result of an individual’s persistently frustrated attempts to live a personally meaningful life.

Our programs stem from the theory and practice of Meaning-Centered Therapy (MCT), developed by psychologist Dr. Paul T. P. Wong. Dr. Wong was heavily influenced by Viktor Frankl’s Meaning Theory and used personal meaning as a way to organize different therapies such as existential psychotherapy, CBT, narrative therapy, and positive psychology into a unified therapeutic approach.


2174 Fleury Road, Powell River C, British Columbia V8A 0H8, Canada


2174 Fleury Road, Powell River, BC V8A 0H8

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