Founded in 1997, TallGrass is a Vancouver-based manufacturer of products under the Botanica brand and distributor of whole food supplements and natural beauty products. Their company philosophy is to bring natural health and wellbeing products to progressive retailers and consumers in a manner that upholds values of environmental and social responsibility. They are curators of some of the world’s most amazing, purest and most functional medicinal plants, herbs and superfoods. Their ingredients originate from smaller, trusted sources and whenever possible, are wildcrafted or certified organic. All of their formulations are rooted in traditional plant medicine and most often incorporate the whole plant, not just parts of it. Using a number of proprietary, cutting-edge techniques, our master herbalists and nutritionists extract the most out of each and every ingredient, so that you can be assured of the integrity, potency and purity of each and every one of our products. No shortcuts. No synthetic derivatives. A strict product verification and quality control process ensures that their products contain only good things, and never the not-so-good, such as pesticides or contaminants.

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Whole food supplements and natural beauty products