Formerly known as Top Drawer Creative, theturnlab has a mission to be the change agent for those challenging the current. theturnlab is at the nexus of marketing, culture and technology. They provide 360˚ solutions for brands and organizations facing real-world business challenges. theturnlab is a socially and environmentally conscious company operating within a triple bottom line framework of people, planet and profits.

theturnlab was founded to practice the art of influence for social good. They understand that influencing the way people think and feel through brand experience is where the future of consumer engagement lies. They are a socially and environmentally conscious company that strives to influence change for the better. Being passionate and honest in their approach is part of their commitment to like-minded clients such as fellow B Corp companies Bullfrog Power and Genuine Health.

theturnlab is an advertising agency with a unique specialization. They focus on a specific consumer psychographic segment called AHAA (Active, Healthy, Affluent, Aware) and the brands that target this group. They have built at 2000-strong AHAA consumer panel that provides intelligence on how brands and products can be improved. And this Toronto-based boutique agency has another claim to fame. They move the sales needle -by influencing the consumer through a 360-degree brand experience called ICE (Immersive Consumer Engagement). No stone is left unturned, whether it's digital, social, experiential or traditional media in a quest to build authenticity and market share for their clients.

theturnlab does not profess to fit every brand. They prefer to work with clients that are aligned with their values and have an entrepreneurial spirit. Their triple bottom line starts with quality relationships (both internal and external), adds corporate social responsibility and finally a sustainable profit model.

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