Almost every woman experiences fit problems with her jeans - loose waistbands, saggy stretch denim - but almost none of us regularly wear a belt. Why? Bulk under t-shirts from big buckles; "muffin-top" from pinching leather; and the hassle of threading a belt into and out of belt loops.

Their team designed Unbelt because we needed a better solution. Their belts are super comfy, completely bulkless, and machine-washable right in the belt loops. Adjustable to fit sizes 0 through 24X, they close the gap at the back of our customers' jeans - in other words, creating a perfect fit without the need for pricey tailoring.

They distribute through a network of over 300 Canadian retailers, and through our website to customers from Iceland to Estonia. They speak loudly about the need for supply chain transparency in the fashion industry, and for the rights of garment workers to equitable working conditions. It's a "who, not where" approach to ethical fashion, because they believe that quality jobs are possible - and necessary - everywhere in the world that clothing is made.

They're small, but growing. They value resilience, bootstrapping, and community-growing. Their clients are like gold to them, and they work hard to make sure they know how highly they're valued.

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