Upswing solutions helps companies realise the value of a sustainable, equitable future, through:

1.       Sales growth from customers who are compelled by and confident in the pathway to sustainability and equity.

2.       Recruiting and retaining talent that want to work at companies which live their values.

3.       Attracting capital that is seeking sustainable return.

4.       Reducing your burden on the planet while increasing your impact for your stakeholders.

How do we do this? We:

Evaluate – we listen carefully and develop answers to the right questions. We know how to do this because we’ve had to solve these issues as in-house sustainability leaders:

⮚      Framing: What are your competitors, peers and B2B customers doing? What is the ESG the landscape for your industry? Based on your specific operational model, what are the risks and opportunities? What are the metrics that make that useful for decision-making?

⮚      Materiality: What specific elements have the greatest impact on your business? How can you integrate that knowledge into decision-making?

⮚      LCAs: A Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) is simply an assessment of the environmental (or S-LCA for social!) impacts of your product, service or company. A standard-compliant assessment gives you the (mostly) rigorous numbers behind your work, and can help you to sell, or to change, depending on the outcome.

⮚      Research: How can your organisation benefit from/transition to the clean economy? How do you “go circular”?

⮚      Stakeholders: What do my employees, partners and suppliers want and expect on ESG? How do we better become an employer, long-term partner, and strategic supplier of choice?

Execute – we work with you to make your business more sustainable and equitable, and to help you unlock value. We have made these business decisions ourselves, so we separate signal from noise, tailor to the right level, and deliver:

⮚      Executive and Board: We help your leaders to translate an immense field into operational implications, demystify the challenges and target the opportunities. We build the right business-cases for your sustainability pathways to be funded and supported.

⮚      ESG-as-sales-strategy: We use our understanding of your business to help your sustainability efforts become a competitive advantage that your salesforce can use. We build tools, models and metrics, and work with your marketing communications and training partners to drive execution.

⮚      ESG teams: We train your people so you need fewer consultants and less external support. We have trained ourselves out of a job before, and we enjoy doing it.

⮚      Reporting and disclosure: We build the frameworks that you need to manage reporting and disclosures. We can write reports for you, or work alongside your internal teams and/or with third parties to ensure you really get what your business needs.

⮚      Impact: We can help you to understand how to increase your environmental and social impacts – strengthening your relationships with communities, suppliers and employees alike. We work with NGO partners domestically and globally to make it real.

⮚      Decision-support: We help you integrate data into decisions, so that sustainability is not just a report, but a useful part of your every-day decision-making.

⮚      Procurement support: We help you build the right suite of solutions providers to make your ESG strategy work. This can range from advising on procurement strategies and rating, to executing these functions for you.

We also offer our specialised red-team service. This partner-led ‘quick and dirty’ involves our experts coming in to review what you have in place and playing a challenge role to reduce your risk of greenwashing/undiscovered challenges/missed opportunities. We ask what’s missing, and what risks that might entail – and help you to be confident about where you’re standing and where you’re going.


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